Caribbean beaches – Best Destination travel

Caribbean beaches

Most Caribbean vacationers have a common goal – they want to soak up as much sunshine as possible on the most beautiful beaches. The tropical travel destination happily obliges with wonderful beaches in abundance characterized by immaculate sandbanks and crystalline waters. Caribbean holidays have thousands of beaches to choose from, so it’s a challenge to narrow down the best places to bask in the sun. From my experience here is my pick of the top 10 best Caribbean beaches, in no particular order…

1. Best for a lively experience – Rum Point, Cayman Islands

The vacationer seeking a lively beach experience should head to Rum Point. Located on the northern coast of Grand Cayman, this stretch of coastline offers it all: snorkeling, beach volleyball, and plenty of great restaurants and cafes to choose from. It’s a perfect mix of nature and modern amenities and is a haven for travellers looking to ditch the crowded cruise port of George Town.

2. Best for an unspolit beach – Shoal Bay in Anguilla

Sitting on the northeastern coast of Anguilla, Shoal Bay is an expansive beach coveted for its untouched atmosphere and nearby attractions. Here you can grab a beach snack from the local food vendor, rent an umbrellas and relax. To step it up a gear you can hire snorkel equipment or hop aboard a glass bottom boat. Favoured by locals and tourists alike, Shoal Bay is a top Anguilla destination.

3. Best for activities – Seven Mile Beach in Jamaica

Butterscotch sands and a quaint lighthouse await visitors at Jamaica’s famous Seven Mile Beach. The longest continuous stretch of beach on the entire island the beautiful shored coastline is ideal for the active traveller. Go for a dive or enjoy other activities such as snorkeling, wind-sailing and water-skiing. Also a great place for the more liberal minded the Seven Mile Beach’s operates a ‘clothing-optional’ policy.

4. Best for Body Surfing – Crane Beach in Barbados

Nestled on the eastern coast of Barbados, Crane Beach takes you off the beaten path while still offering everything you need for a comfortable seaside excursion. The waters although can get a bit rough, so if you’re not up for body surfing, head to the protected cove to the left of the main beach for calmer swimming. After a full day of playing in the sun, refuel with fresh seafood at nearby The Crane restaurant.

5. Best for Diving – Trunk Bay in St. Johns

Underwater adventurer enthusiasts must make a visit to Trunk Bay Beach in St. John of the US Virgin Islands. This popular area boasts an excellent opportunity for snorkelling and diving. Here you can follow a lengthy trail that extends underwater with helpful markers to guide explorers through the sea. Amenities at this beach include snack bars, restrooms, on-duty lifeguards and great spots for an afternoon picnic.

6. Best for Nudists – Orient Beach in St. Martin

Accessible only by a single road, St. Martin’s Orient Beach is a perfect place to let loose. The beach is connected to the Club Orient Resort, an entirely nude facility where guests vacation without inhibitions. Rent a lounge chair and if you dare bask topless in the sun, or suit up for some shopping opportunities found slightly north of the nudist beach.

7. Best for shallow waters – Grand Anse in Grenada

Presenting visitors with a place to escape the hustle and bustle while still allowing for some interesting people watching, Grand Anse beach is a superb shoreline that stretches for two miles along the southern coast of Grenada. The shallow waters of this tranquil beach are ideal for families with young children. Hungry guests will be able to find everything from contemporary Creole cuisine to delicious French dinners within close proximity of the waterfront.

8. Best for less crowds – Luquillo Beach in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s Luquillo Beach is notable for its extensive amenities and features. Located on the northeastern coast of the island, this beach has everything sunbathers could ask for, from equipment rentals and water sports to food vendors and on-site camping facilities. While you’ll be hard-pressed to find a truly secluded seaside area in Puerto Rico, Luquillo Beach is known as one of the less crowded destinations.

9. Best for sociable types – Palm Beach in Aruba

Visitors near the northwestern edges of Aruba will be attracted to the powdery sands and skinny swaying trees of Palm Beach. This popular area offers fishing, snorkelling, people watching and plenty of places to explore. The vicinity is home to a number of inviting resorts and restaurants, which draws many people to Palm Beach. If you’re looking for a remote sandbank to relax on, Palm Beach may not be for you, but a sociable traveller will enjoy a day spent at this lively beach.

10. Best for families – Magens Bay in St. Thomas

Magens Bay on the northern coast of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands is known as an ideal destination for vacationing with families. This beach provides everything from bathrooms and showers to boutiques and a pizzeria. In addition to the usual beach facilities, Magens Bay also has some great nearby attractions such as Fairchild Park and Emancipation Garden.

Whether you’re a parent travelling with young children or a mature vacationer looking to unleash your wild side, the plentiful beaches in Caribbean offer an ideal destination for every visitor. From the clothing-optional shores of Orient Beach to the child-friendly shallow waters of Grand Anse, you can find it all in the Caribbean. Grab your swimsuit, slather on a hearty layer of sunscreen and make your way to one of these top best Caribbean beaches – or even better take an extended tour and visit them all!

Alaska Canada Adventure Travel Suprises

Alaska Canada Adventure Travel

Alaska Canada Adventure Travel, needless for me to spell it out, is where you will get to cover both Alaska and Canada. There will be a whole lot of traveling to be done as Alaska and Canada are pretty huge amount of territory in terms of square miles.

And before you ever thought of giving up the whole adventure travel plan to Alaska Canada, think about all the thrilling and exciting encounters and opportunities that you are going to miss, and the fun that you are going to miss out by not going to Canada or Alaska or even both regions.

If you have no single bit of idea, what adventures you are going to get from the Alaska Canada adventure travel, then here is what you just need to do, and you will be pretty overwhelmed by the results:

  1. Select a particular region that you wish to travel to,
  2. Choose activities that you expect and desire to do,
  3. Switch on your computer and get on the Internet,
  4. Browse and search for the interests, and activities that you want to do .

Just 4 simple steps and you will be surprised on what you will find.
Surprises Everywhere in Alaska Canada

You will be surprised by how much there is to do with Alaska Canada adventure travel. And the fact is that you will be totally captivated by the thought of visiting the Canadian Rockies and the West Coast of Canada with attractions such as Banf, Jasper National Park and also Yoho. Add to that, the many activities to partake in including riding on horseback and also going rafting and trekking in the Rockies.

And, once you have enjoyed these destinations you can get even more adventure by sampling the excellent wilderness across the border in Alaska, where there are many exciting opportunities to avail of on Alaska Canada adventure travel. Try out the Denali National Park and also try out some activities close to Mount McKinley. Other places of interest include Glacier Bay National Park where you have many activities to choose from and that too in the unspoiled and virgin wilderness of the State.

Mode of Transport

Once you have ascertained where you wish to go for Alaska Canada adventure travel, you will need to next consider your mode of transport is it air, car, and rail or even by bike. You can then check the many tour operators to book and make your travel arrangements. You will certainly not want for type of activity and there are winter getaways, great opportunities for skiing, plenty of wildlife expeditions and a lot more awaiting you on your Alaska Canada adventure travel.

Sweetening the Traveling Pain

The pain in traveling a vast area will be sweeten by the activities and fun that you are going to get from the offer including the Tongass National Forest that goes on for five hundred miles along the north of the border between Alaska and Canada.

This National Park has valleys with appealing streams and glaciers that are carving out the landscape and which cut through the deeply wooded forests and here too are some of the tallest mountains in the whole of the northern parts of America. Thus, together Canada and Alaska offer visitors the very best in adventure and is certainly a most desirable destination for Alaska Canada adventure travel.

Traveling Safely in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country that has had a comfortable democracy for quite some time.  Even though her neighbors have been torn apart with political strife, Costa Rica has remained peaceful and with little or no political upheaval.  It seems to have created a genuinely happy group of people.  However, human nature being what it is, there is some amount of crime that does exist.

The usual warnings apply.  Stay out of any red light districts there may be and always travel with groups in well-lit areas.  Keep your money in a hidden pocket somewhere in your clothing but do not carry a wallet.  It is advised that you keep a credit card or travelers checks.  Both are insured and when you are on vacation if you are mugged you can get them replaced.

Don’t leave your drinks unattended and don’t make change or flash your cash.  It’s not difficult just handle your transactions discreetly.  Stifle the need to wear expensive jewelry it’s overdone in this environment anyway.  It has been suggested that visitors keep photocopies of their return plane ticket and their passport.  Keep an extra stash of cash in your hotel room just in case of an emergency.

If you drive your rented car out of a gas station, grocery store, your hotel, or just about anywhere and it ends up with a flat tire.  Don’t let the inevitable Good Samaritan help you that comes right along as soon as you have broke down.  In the past there have been tourists that allowed this nice guy that just happened along, to help them change the tire while he has you distracted his buddies sneak into the other side of the car and steal you belongings.

The roads are usually paved and easy to travel but occasionally you have to go down some rough dirt road.  If you are unsure of the roads don’t drive them.  As a matter of fact, it just isn’t good sense to rent a car.  The cost of gas is terrible and you have to stress out about figuring out where you are going.  It would be smart to set aside a bus/taxi fare when you plan your trip.

If someone spills food on you move quickly away from them as they try to help you.  Wiping ketchup off of you is a way to grab you and pick your pockets.  This is an old ploy that is used all too often in many ports of call, not just Costa Rica.  Many people come to Costa Rica looking for photo opportunities.  Shutterbugs just love their equipment and it is a big tragedy when their cameras get stolen.  Get vacation or travelers insurance for your camera and equipment.

If you do get equipment stolen or your wallet stolen, call 911 and follow through with getting a police report.  You will need a copy of the police report in order for your camera to be replaced.  Chances are that you will never have to use any of this advice, but it never hurts to be safe.