Top Five Spots To Visit In Durban


If you have planned a holiday for yourself and need some great time off then head to Durban. Like other South Africans, you can findyour way down to the KwaZuli Natal Coast for some fantastic downtime. Durban is the third biggest city in the whole of South Africa and definitely one of the most famous tourist spots. It ranks in the top ten holidays destinations in Africa. For this reason, Durban is also making further changes and building new recreational activities for its visitors. They have also built a new King Shaka International Airport that brings tourists from all over the world. If you really want to see the true essence of Durban, you must visit five essential places.

Firstly, get ready to have fun at the u Shaka Marine World. It is a beautiful theme park that is divided into four sections. The first is uShaka Sea World’ it is the 5th largest aquarium in the world. The second is uShakaWet ‘n Wild; which is a water world that has rides for both young and old. The third is uShaka Beach which has direct access from the amusement park nearby. And lastly, there is uShaka Village Walk that is filled with delectable restaurants, cafes and shops for the tourists to relax and enjoy at. The park is located on the strip land residing between the Durban Harbor and Durban beachfront.

Secondly, you must take a look at the Gateway Shopping Center. It is the biggest shopping mall built in Africa and perhaps in the south hemisphere. It is located in the Northern Durban suburb of Umhlanga. People come here by finding Durban flights from all London airport. With over 300 stores and more than 60 rest aunts, the Gateway also features 18 movie theatres, an IMAX cinema and 6 Nouveau cinemas. It has a theme park of its own and more than 3500 square meter skate park designed by Tony Hawk. It also features the world’s highest indoor climbing rock along with the biggest fountain in Africa.

Thirdly, you must go and check out the Aliwal Shoal. It lies 5 km off the shore of Kwazulu Natal Coast and is a great opportunity for the scuba divers who get cheap Durban flights to experience reed to dives and seasonal shark diving. The scuba center has a number of really nice host facilities like dive pool for people who want to test the gear first. Upon return from the dive, there is shower, storage and eating facilities.

Fourthly, you should pay a visit to the Durban’s Golden Mile. This area has the highest number of comfortable and luxury hotels. It also skirts the main beaches and the Indian Ocean. Find the best budget air flights tickets to Durban to enjoy it all. Other attractions near the vicinity include an amusement center, paved walkways, paddling pools and fountains and shops. The kids can also have a great time at the Water Wonderland in the area. In Durban, you can find activities that will entertain all ages and people with different choices.

Travel Light: How To Pack Clothes For Travel

Pack Clothes For Travel

There are times in our lives where we all deserve to have a break. Most of us would love to go to different places in order to revel in the new atmosphere and discover many amazing things. If you are going on a trip, it is important to pack only the essential stuff.

As for me, if I had the choice, I’d totally bring my whole entire house with me (no kidding!). However, since this is literally impossible to do, I have since learned how to pack only the important things. Not only will it give me an organized luggage, it will also save me money by not paying extra for excess baggage. Plus, it will also give me enough room for tons of shopping!


The number of clothes, shoes and accessories that you are going to bring will depend on the number of days that you are staying at a certain place. It’s always best to mix and match pieces so that you will have a different look for each day.

1. Choose Neutral Pieces

Neutral pieces are your outfit’s canvass. It is very easy to create different looks from them. Choose versatile nude colored items such as a top or  a pair of pants. You can then pile on different colored accessories or layer on a bright colored garment. It is also important to bring nude colored heels and neutral colored flats. Less footwear means more space for your luggage.

2. Bring A Comfy Cardigan, Jacket, And Scarf

On days where you know that it can get cold, it is important to pack your favorite cardigan, jacket and scarf. You may even choose a blazer, if that’s your preference. Try to choose solid colored pieces that go well with your neutral tops and bottoms. On days where it can get a little chilly, these things can definitely come in handy.

3. Trendy Dress

When you are traveling, don’t forget to bring a trendy dress. Pick one that you can easily pile on different accessories. Some dresses also double up as a top especially if they are made from light material. You can tuck them inside your favorite pants and cinch with a belt.

4. Go For Denim

Remember to always bring your favorite staple denim jeans. Throw in a pair of shorts if you are visiting a tropical area.

5. Check The Weather And The Season

When you are planning to travel to another country, it is a must to check the weather. If the climate is cold, bring the warmest clothes that you have in your arsenal. If you are heading to a tropical area, pack in your favorite pair of shorts, tanks tops and other light weight clothing.

6. Bring Key Accessories

When traveling, bring only a few pieces of accessories that you can mix and match with different garments. Accessories give you that extra oomph.

Bring these tips into mind the next time you pack your clothing for a trip. Save yourself from all that hassle and only think about how you’re going to spend your vacation. You will definitely be having the time of your life!

Safety When Traveling: Privacy

Safety When Traveling

Privacy is one of the few things in life that you can never have enough of. When you are traveling, it is important that you do everything you can to stay secure and keep yourself safe. You do not want to spend your entire vacation being a worrywart, but it is crucial for you to take precautions to protect your privacy. If you are not sure how to do that, you should read this article that deals with safety when traveling in its entirety.

If you are sharing photos online through social media sites, be careful of who you are letting see them. You should never let the general public see pictures of you on vacation. It is about more than strangers seeing you in a bathing suit. People will not be privy to the fact that you are not at home, and they may take this opportunity to help themselves to some of your valuables. It is a good idea to save any photo sharing for when you arrive home.

If you take any digital devices with you on your trip, make sure that you set a password. You don’t want to leave them unattended for a second and someone uses it to get personal information. Even if you are only going into the shower, key in your password. This way no one can enter your room and get onto your devices without your knowledge.

Keep a close eye on all of your bank statements during your trip. There are a lot of people that take advantage of the fact that vacationers expect to spend a lot on their trips. They use your information to make purchases and they figure you won’t notice since you are buying so many things. Checking often can help you stop someone in their tracks. You should have more than one credit card on you in case you need to cancel one.
Many hotels offer public computers for guests, and you may need to use one. If that is the case, make sure that no one is looking over your shoulder while you are entering passwords. You don’t want to seem paranoid, but you do want to stay safe. Also, make sure that you are totally logged off before you leave the computer. This means to log out of every site you signed into, not just the the computer.

Install tracking software on all of your devices. This is very helpful in case someone walks off with them. There are many people that have been robbed during trips and they used tracking software to recover their items. You may have to pay a fee for tracking service, but it will be worth it to know that your items are safe.

These tips may seem like a bit much, but they will help you stay perfectly safe while you are on a trip. It might seem like you have to take more and more precautions as time goes by, but do not allow this to stop your from enjoying yourself while you are traveling.