Enchanting Holiday in Beautiful, Awe-inspiring Sights of Switzerland


Switzerland was founded in 13th century, joining with three states. The country has become one of the major international tourist spot attracting countless tourists from all over the world. The country consists of mainly the majestic Swiss Alps and mountainous terrains that take almost 60% of the total land space. Switzerland has the most beautiful territory and sights that will make any person live in the country for ever. The country is well known for its banking system as well as tourism. Tourism plays a major role in presenting the country to the world market as a global tourist destination and more. As the country is filled with mountain and hilly areas, it becomes a famous destination for rock climbing and hiking. All kinds of pleasure associated with the mountain life can be found here. Zurich is one of the largest and well known cities of the country. It is a major banking sector and also an artistic hub. Zurich has more than one hundred art galleries and many museums.

Some of the major attractions of Switzerland are listed below. Check them out if you are planning to visit the country any time soon.


This is a one of the popular spot of Switzerland and also called “Z’horu” in the neighboring dialects. It is a spectacular peak of The Alps and Switzerland and on 4478 m high. It provides spectacular mind blowing views of the surrounding nature and mountains. Tourists take lots of photos of this region as it is very photogenic location.

The Chateau de Chillon:

This was built in the late 11th century and is popular for its majestic sights filled with tourist. The Chillon Castle is admired as the best and the most preserved castles in all of Switzerland. Travelers go through various rooms of the castle and get to feel enchanted and a mysterious atmosphere. This castle is also famous as it has been immortalized in Lord Byron’s poem “The Prisoner of Chillon”.


This is a beautiful and fun city to visit when one in Switzerland. The place is filled with marvelous scenery and natural sights. Enjoy some relaxing and calm days in the city that will freshen your mind and spirit. The city has many things to offer for your sense of pleasure. Explore some alluring attractions that comprise the charming Geneva Lake, Museum, St. Peter’s Cathedral, Water Fountain, Flea Market, Geneva Beach, etc. You will certainly not forget the experience of Geneva once you visit the city.

The Rhine falls:

This is situated in Neuhausen on the border of Germany. The glorious falls attracts visitor from all over Europe and the world. Tourist and travelers see the rushing of water from the cliffs with echoing sounds.

The very name of Switzerland leave any person filled with a sense of wander and joy. It is one of those places that everyone wants to come and enjoy a nice family vacation. The nature, overwhelming sights lures the travelers with a sense of mystery.

Top 5 apps for your Holidays Travel

apps for your Holidays Travel

Going to different places and cultures is highly exciting but taking a leap into unknown territories can be worrying as you step further out of your comfort zone. To ensure your fully equipped for you travels here are the top five apps I recommend before jetting off on your holidays.


I think the biggest fear of going on holiday is getting lost in a foreign country. I know what you’re thinking, what about google maps? Well maps.me can be used offline, just download the maps for the country you are going to before your trip or when you have Wi-Fi and avoid those high international roaming charges. Using your GPS is free so combined with this app you’re sure to find your destination. This app also lets you bookmark places of interest of where you been or from other travellers that you may want to go sometime on your journey.


With access to over 33,000 properties in 170 countries Hostelworld ensures a roof over your head throughout your travels. The navigation on the app is top class, allowing for you to add hostels to a wish list which may be recommended from other travellers. The rating system on Hostelworld is broken down into 7 categories Value for Money, Security, Location, Staff, Atmosphere, Cleanliness and Facilities so weather your looking for a night of partying or just good location the rating system makes it easy to screen. There’s a highly used review section which also keeps the hostels on their toes.


The rail planner app is only relevant if you are travelling around Europe for your holidays. The app includes all trains you can use an interrail pass on. Weather you’re just winging your trip around Europe or have a ridged schedule, downloading this app is a must. Similar to maps.me this can be used without internet when looking up timetables. Just enter in your location and destination and once you’re within the 30 countries covered by this app it will give you your results. There may be some connections which can be combined between trains and buses but this is expected with intercontinental train journeys. I found this app very helpful for overcoming the language barrier in some nations, if the ticket person couldn’t understand I would just show my phone and they would know the exact journey I’m talking about.

Travel Tip: to avoid paying for accommodation and save an extra day choose an overnight train, their no lap of luxury but it’s all in the experience.


Skyscanner is very convenient flight price comparison app. You can search certain flights by month and it will give you a bar graph giving you the price per day so you can pick out the cheapest yourself. Skyscanner includes almost every airline and airport internationally. Skyscanner also provides a price alert service which will notify you should you flight decrease or more worryingly increase.

Travel Tip: The best time to book a flight is 47 days in advance. The most expensive month to fly is July, the cheapest is November The cheapest days to fly are Tuesdays, Wednesday


Often a last resort should you find yourself lost but depending where you are sometimes the price of taxis are the best option for your convenience. Uber is available in over 60 countries so it’s a great trump card to have in your pocket when all else fails.

Travel Tip: Ask at reception in your hostel for prices of a taxi to your next location if it is in driving range. You can share a taxi with other travellers in your hostel and split the cost.