Top Five Spots To Visit In Durban


If you have planned a holiday for yourself and need some great time off then head to Durban. Like other South Africans, you can findyour way down to the KwaZuli Natal Coast for some fantastic downtime. Durban is the third biggest city in the whole of South Africa and definitely one of the most famous tourist spots. It ranks in the top ten holidays destinations in Africa. For this reason, Durban is also making further changes and building new recreational activities for its visitors. They have also built a new King Shaka International Airport that brings tourists from all over the world. If you really want to see the true essence of Durban, you must visit five essential places.

Firstly, get ready to have fun at the u Shaka Marine World. It is a beautiful theme park that is divided into four sections. The first is uShaka Sea World’ it is the 5th largest aquarium in the world. The second is uShakaWet ‘n Wild; which is a water world that has rides for both young and old. The third is uShaka Beach which has direct access from the amusement park nearby. And lastly, there is uShaka Village Walk that is filled with delectable restaurants, cafes and shops for the tourists to relax and enjoy at. The park is located on the strip land residing between the Durban Harbor and Durban beachfront.

Secondly, you must take a look at the Gateway Shopping Center. It is the biggest shopping mall built in Africa and perhaps in the south hemisphere. It is located in the Northern Durban suburb of Umhlanga. People come here by finding Durban flights from all London airport. With over 300 stores and more than 60 rest aunts, the Gateway also features 18 movie theatres, an IMAX cinema and 6 Nouveau cinemas. It has a theme park of its own and more than 3500 square meter skate park designed by Tony Hawk. It also features the world’s highest indoor climbing rock along with the biggest fountain in Africa.

Thirdly, you must go and check out the Aliwal Shoal. It lies 5 km off the shore of Kwazulu Natal Coast and is a great opportunity for the scuba divers who get cheap Durban flights to experience reed to dives and seasonal shark diving. The scuba center has a number of really nice host facilities like dive pool for people who want to test the gear first. Upon return from the dive, there is shower, storage and eating facilities.

Fourthly, you should pay a visit to the Durban’s Golden Mile. This area has the highest number of comfortable and luxury hotels. It also skirts the main beaches and the Indian Ocean. Find the best budget air flights tickets to Durban to enjoy it all. Other attractions near the vicinity include an amusement center, paved walkways, paddling pools and fountains and shops. The kids can also have a great time at the Water Wonderland in the area. In Durban, you can find activities that will entertain all ages and people with different choices.

Travel Light: How To Pack Clothes For Travel

Pack Clothes For Travel

There are times in our lives where we all deserve to have a break. Most of us would love to go to different places in order to revel in the new atmosphere and discover many amazing things. If you are going on a trip, it is important to pack only the essential stuff.

As for me, if I had the choice, I’d totally bring my whole entire house with me (no kidding!). However, since this is literally impossible to do, I have since learned how to pack only the important things. Not only will it give me an organized luggage, it will also save me money by not paying extra for excess baggage. Plus, it will also give me enough room for tons of shopping!


The number of clothes, shoes and accessories that you are going to bring will depend on the number of days that you are staying at a certain place. It’s always best to mix and match pieces so that you will have a different look for each day.

1. Choose Neutral Pieces

Neutral pieces are your outfit’s canvass. It is very easy to create different looks from them. Choose versatile nude colored items such as a top or  a pair of pants. You can then pile on different colored accessories or layer on a bright colored garment. It is also important to bring nude colored heels and neutral colored flats. Less footwear means more space for your luggage.

2. Bring A Comfy Cardigan, Jacket, And Scarf

On days where you know that it can get cold, it is important to pack your favorite cardigan, jacket and scarf. You may even choose a blazer, if that’s your preference. Try to choose solid colored pieces that go well with your neutral tops and bottoms. On days where it can get a little chilly, these things can definitely come in handy.

3. Trendy Dress

When you are traveling, don’t forget to bring a trendy dress. Pick one that you can easily pile on different accessories. Some dresses also double up as a top especially if they are made from light material. You can tuck them inside your favorite pants and cinch with a belt.

4. Go For Denim

Remember to always bring your favorite staple denim jeans. Throw in a pair of shorts if you are visiting a tropical area.

5. Check The Weather And The Season

When you are planning to travel to another country, it is a must to check the weather. If the climate is cold, bring the warmest clothes that you have in your arsenal. If you are heading to a tropical area, pack in your favorite pair of shorts, tanks tops and other light weight clothing.

6. Bring Key Accessories

When traveling, bring only a few pieces of accessories that you can mix and match with different garments. Accessories give you that extra oomph.

Bring these tips into mind the next time you pack your clothing for a trip. Save yourself from all that hassle and only think about how you’re going to spend your vacation. You will definitely be having the time of your life!

Safety When Traveling: Privacy

Safety When Traveling

Privacy is one of the few things in life that you can never have enough of. When you are traveling, it is important that you do everything you can to stay secure and keep yourself safe. You do not want to spend your entire vacation being a worrywart, but it is crucial for you to take precautions to protect your privacy. If you are not sure how to do that, you should read this article that deals with safety when traveling in its entirety.

If you are sharing photos online through social media sites, be careful of who you are letting see them. You should never let the general public see pictures of you on vacation. It is about more than strangers seeing you in a bathing suit. People will not be privy to the fact that you are not at home, and they may take this opportunity to help themselves to some of your valuables. It is a good idea to save any photo sharing for when you arrive home.

If you take any digital devices with you on your trip, make sure that you set a password. You don’t want to leave them unattended for a second and someone uses it to get personal information. Even if you are only going into the shower, key in your password. This way no one can enter your room and get onto your devices without your knowledge.

Keep a close eye on all of your bank statements during your trip. There are a lot of people that take advantage of the fact that vacationers expect to spend a lot on their trips. They use your information to make purchases and they figure you won’t notice since you are buying so many things. Checking often can help you stop someone in their tracks. You should have more than one credit card on you in case you need to cancel one.
Many hotels offer public computers for guests, and you may need to use one. If that is the case, make sure that no one is looking over your shoulder while you are entering passwords. You don’t want to seem paranoid, but you do want to stay safe. Also, make sure that you are totally logged off before you leave the computer. This means to log out of every site you signed into, not just the the computer.

Install tracking software on all of your devices. This is very helpful in case someone walks off with them. There are many people that have been robbed during trips and they used tracking software to recover their items. You may have to pay a fee for tracking service, but it will be worth it to know that your items are safe.

These tips may seem like a bit much, but they will help you stay perfectly safe while you are on a trip. It might seem like you have to take more and more precautions as time goes by, but do not allow this to stop your from enjoying yourself while you are traveling.

10 Travel Packing Tips in place of Carry-on just nomadic

Travel Packing Tips

1. Get hold of available The Largest-Size Carry-On Luggage You’re Aloud and bad deal It

Although you absence to significantly take out down on the amount of luggage you take, you ought to still take help of the greatest size bear on luggage you can take. Get hold of available what did you say? The common bear on allowance is and bad deal an inexperienced bag to fit folks dimensions.

2. Wear Your Heaviest/Bulkiest Items

Ok, so it’s an obvious sense, but if you’re taking round about bulky items, such in the same way as a thick coat, or else walking boots, wear them on the jet and complimentary up in the same way as much valuable place in the sphere of your bear on luggage in the same way as on the cards.

3. Create A Packing keep a record — And Ruthlessly Edit

It This is something you can spot on in excess of moment. Basically, each moment you depart abroad create a packing keep a record. Subsequently, as soon as you stretch residence and unload be a record of everything you didn’t manipulate. Subsequently traverse them inedible the keep a record in place of subsequently moment!

4. Table To bad deal Things by the side of Your Destination

Remember, nearly everyone destinations willpower arrange spaces you can bad deal the basics you need to understand you by. Need a smarter shirt in place of an unplanned slip to a assume restaurant, barely bad deal single by the side of a neighborhood save. You’ll additionally be located able to discard these items if you need to sooner than you leave.

5. Decant Toiletries Into less significant Bottles

In place of your essential toiletries, perform away with the buffer personal size bottles and decant rations into less significant bottles. Not just willpower you save place, but additionally a assortment of burden. And remember the sense over — if you run available you can all the time bad deal round about added.

6. Roll Your Clothes

It’s an old trick but an efficient single. Rolling your clothes makes them easier to backpack down into the corners of your bear on, plus it can help you prevent the creases formed by folding.

7. Wear Clothing With Lots Of Pockets

Remember, you don’t need to bear everything in the sphere of your luggage. Wearing clothing with optional extra pockets, such in the same way as goods pants, or else folks vests with the aim of pro photographers wear, you can bear many less significant items and leave place in place of the better stuff in the sphere of your luggage.

8. Bad deal Specialty Travel Clothing with the aim of Converts

At present you can bad deal items of clothing specifically designed in place of travelers. Habitually travel clothing has skin texture such in the same way as being light-weight, breathable and none-creasing and quick drying, but you can additionally get hold of clothing with the aim of is convertible. Trousers with the aim of good turn into shorts, or else prolonged sleeved items with the aim of turn into terse sleeved. By making your clothing exert yourself twice in the same way as unkind, you can save twice in the same way as much place.

9. Bad deal Speciality Travel Products Designed To be located Compact

As well in the same way as clothing designed in place of nomadic, you can get hold of all approach of accessories with the aim of arrange been designed in place of nomadic and to be located compact. In place of exemplar a travel towel can be located a quarter of the size of a traditional towel.

10. Ask Others in place of Their Tips

If you go with someone breezing through check in the sphere of with addedely single bag, hinder them and ask them how they perform it. Nearly everyone inhabit fancy to program inedible how clever and travel-savvy they are, so they’ll be located fortunate to recreational are air wisdom with you!

Tips For The Right Holiday Travel Package

Right Holiday Travel Package

Saving money is always a bonus, especially if we’re trying to plan a holiday. If the purse strings are a little tight at present, here’s a few tips on how to get the best deal when it comes to planning a budget holiday, Well it is not usually wise to be traveling during holidays as these are the times when almost every other person in the world is traveling. It is of course best to plan ahead or book ahead and go to your destination early to avoid all the hassle but if you’re one of those last minute people or probably one of those who can’t really avoid it, you should follow the next few tips for a fairly better journey and maybe a cheaper stay.

– Holiday travel packages were never made with only one person in mind; no two people are alike, keep this in mind because the agencies that packed them have kept these in mind, use this fact to haggle your way into cheaper or sometimes better deals. Even if there are ready made packages, you can ask for extra perks especially if you’re staying for more than a week.

– Be careful of travel agents. Travel agents may give you the best deal for your package, which normally include airfare, lodgings and transportation, but a really good agent can be really flexible. One example would be if you want a rental car for the first half of your trip but you want to get rid of it by the second half, a good agent can arrange this for you, sometimes for a cheaper price.

– Be sure that the package you want is available, you don’t want to get pulled into something that ends up being sold out, some people give out too-good-to-be-true packages which end up being “sold out” in the end, so before you make a deal or transfer a morsel of cash, make sure that it is still available.

– Be sure to know exactly what airline and route your taking, you won’t want those unpleasant layovers which can be a real pain, not to mention delay your schedule.

– A good sign of a good package is one that is very flexible, as said before, no two people are alike, and a good package should reflect that, it should allow you to choose between destinations, as well as brands and lodgings without changing the price. A choice in which rental car to take is also a sign of a good package.

– Finally, it’s good to ask for discounts that you might get if you do certain stuff, like stay in the hotel for more than a week, or sign up on the internet instead of by phone. Research first before you cough up the money for down-payment; make sure you’ve exhausted all possible discount generating ways before you decide on a package. The best way to ensure bargain prices is to be flexible with the dates, times and airports you can travel from. This may mean flying at 4am in the morning, but the savings will make up for the inconvenience.

All You Need to Know more or less Travel Clothing

simple traveling

So at length you maintain got a week inedible from headquarters. Your boss has permissible you to relax your longing back and acquire a little fun back into your life. You maintain congeal your eyes on with the aim of exotic destination you at all times wanted to visit but in no way may well.You are feeling the same as excited the same as whilst you got your at the outset toy the same as a hoodwink. But recently after that comes the dampener- rebuff, it is not the boss cancelling your vacation, it is the packing blues. Each occasion we table a vacation, near is an unending think over the same as to what did you say?

All to group in the sphere of. Well, near is single thumb reach a decision you ought to at all times get the gist whilst it comes to travel clothing- group smart and group light.

I know you maintain heard with the aim of a million time but adage it just the once other would not hurt. At the outset of all, consent to me explain what did you say? It income by travel light whilst single talks of travel clothing. You ought to group in the sphere of garments with the aim of are unimportant sooner fabrics like nylon, polyester and in favor of a petty reheat weather silk. These fabrics provide first-class ventilation, are comfortable to continue and dry quickly. In addition, it execute not take up much hole, so you at all times maintain the hole to bring back gifts in favor of to hand and dear ones. At present, consent to us parley more or less travel smart stuff.

The travel clothing ought to be present line complimentary or else line resilient the same as single can seldom locate a dry cleaner whilst on a vacation. And even if you execute, you would not poverty to ravage occasion getting your clothes ironed, would you. One more smart innovation in the sphere of the discipline of travel clothing is convertible pants. These pants can be present used in favor of city travelling or else expert meetings and can be present zipped inedible to form shorts in favor of a daylight hours dazed on the beach. At present you are getting what did you say? I mean by travel smart, aren’t you? One more very important point you ought to keep in the sphere of mind while packing in the sphere of clothes in favor of the vacation is give optimum attention to the ensign you are choosing.

It is advisable to reach in favor of neutral ensign like fawn and coffee with the aim of can coordinate with almost everything. Liability so makes you group in the sphere of much a lesser amount of, by this means substantially dipping the burden of your travel clothing. In addition, your travel clothing ought to maintain several pockets, many of them hidden, to keep your travel papers safe and sound. I chance you get the gist these travel clothing tips and even if you don’t, I still hope for you a joyous vacation. As soon as all, your boss won’t be present allowing you a vacation anytime soon as soon as this.

Outdoor Skating Rinks In The World

Outdoor Skating

Ice Skating is a great seasonal activity – especially for couples and families. Skating is one of the oldest and most popular recreational activities and outdoor ice skating in particular offers you a chance to have some fun in the crisp winter air. Here is the best outdoor ice skating rinks in the world specially chosen for their spectacular backdrops and magical atmospheres. Don’t worry about making a fool out of yourself – most outdoor ice skating rinks welcome everyone from beginners to experts!

1. Somerset House, London

Skate in the heart of London in this prestigious skating venue. This 18th century neoclassical home turned popular music/art venue offers an impressive backdrop and is illuminated at night by a 40ft Tiffany Christmas tree.

2. Rockefeller Center, New York

The Rockefeller Center is a world-famous and iconic skating venue featured in many classic movies. Skate New York style underneath towering skyscrapers, hundreds of twinkling lights and a gigantic Christmas tree.

3. Hampton Court, Greater London

Hampton Court Palace is a beautiful and historical tourist attraction and this time of year it’s also home to a romantic outdoor ice skating rink. Skate right outside Henry VIII’s favourite royal hangout and take advantage of the spiced mulled wine on offer.

4. Yosemite National Park, USA

Skate in the shadows of the mighty Half Dome and El Capitan in one of the most beautiful national parks in the world. Ice skating has been a winter tradition in Yosemite since the 1930s and the park offers one of the most beautiful outdoor ice skating rink backgrounds in the world.

5. Berlin, Germany

Berlin‘s important public square Potsdamer Platz is turned into a winter wonderland this time of year. Visitors can choose from a 40m long ice rink, an Alpine ski hut, a 70m ski slope and a wide range of competitions to enter. Another highlight is having the chance to slide down a long slope on a huge rubber tyre.

6. Eiffel Tower, Paris

Enjoy the beautiful views of Paris while skating on this unique small but perfectly formed ice rink. The ice skating rink is located on the first floor observation deck of the famous French landmark – lodged between two of the tower’s massive steel legs. Up to 80 skaters at a time can enjoy this unusual skating experience but vertigo sufferers might want to give this one a miss!

7. Vienna, Austria

This large outdoor ice rink is located right underneath the beautiful illuminated Rathaus (town hall). Make sure you also take advantage of the nearby stalls offering hot drinks and snacks. A great choice if you like your skating venue to be picturesque and atmospheric.

8. Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki offers skaters real snow and very cold temperatures. Ice skating is taken pretty seriously in Finland and the outdoor ice rink in the capital’s main square is spacious and can have a lively atmosphere.

Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto is a popular public gathering place located in front of the City Hall. During the winter here you can also skate on a super-sized rink. Also check out the pretty light display in the evening.

10. Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark

Tivoli Gardens is a world famous attraction in the centre of this stylish Danish city. A picturesque ice rink located on a pretty lake opens here for the seasonal holidays. Illuminated trees and fantastic scenery makes for an incredible skating experience.

Sensible Advice For Women Traveling Alone

Women Traveling Alone

If you are like me then you probably agree that traveling can be a really enjoyable activity. It is exciting to see new places, try new foods and just have brand new experiences. Of course, these days, every  traveler should take safety precautions when they go abroad, but this is especially true for women. The problem is that many cultures are still male-dominant, and any woman traveling alone can sometimes find themselves in a very vulnerable position. This short article will provide some advice on how women travelers can stay safe and still have an enjoyable experience. If you are a woman with a trip ahead of you, this article is for you.

When you know what your travel itinerary is going to be, leave your contact information with someone who you can count on. This includes information about the hotel where you will be staying and places that you will be visiting. This is a simply a precautionary measure in case your family back home need to get in touch with you. If you do not do this, no one will know where you are when you venture off.

You should stick to your itinerary as best as you can. When you have to change something, send an email to your family back home so they will know where you are. It is also a good idea to inform the hotel concierge about your daily activities. In case you run into any problems and cannot make it back to the hotel, then someone will still be able to track you down.

If you are going to a place that is brand new to you, do some research on the area so you can become familiar with it. Read about the neighborhoods and the area around your hotel in particular. Find information on the sites that you are going to visit because the more you know, the more comfortable you will be, and the better prepared you will be. Knowing what is ahead is always good practice so you will not be caught off-guard with anything.

Be sure to make copies of your travel documentation and keep them in your luggage. If you ever lose your original documents, you can take your copies to the U.S. Consulate and apply for a replacement. This will save a lot of hassle in the replacement process.

When you are out and about, don’t carry a lot of valuables with you. In fact, you should not be taking along any kind of expensive jewelry or belongings on a trip if you can possibly avoid it. Always carry money in travelers checks for if they get lost or stolen, they can be easily replaced. You can carry some cash in the local currency, but limit that to cover just small, incidental souvenirs or a quick bite to eat.

Keep your money and your passport in a secure pocket where it is safe. If you want, you can purchase a waist pouch or fanny pack that is designed for travelers to keep their money and passport. This can be worn close to the body so you will not lose it.

You can never be too safe when traveling abroad, especially if you are a single woman on their own. By following these tips aimed at women traveling alone, you will have a safer journey.

Air Travel – Easy Travel Tips

Air travel

This is an article with the wish of talks new before with a reduction of several aspects of how to pick your clothing whilst you are vacant to travel by airplane.We all keep in good condition various preferences regarding air travel and clothing. While a trifling like better to wear venture suits, others strength of character swear by jeans, and others strength of character like better to connect with even other informal and comfortable, wearing something the same in the role of unassuming the same in the role of sweat pants.

However, airport security is getting tighter and air travel rules keep in good condition been changing a allowance in the field of the sphere of the ancient hardly a few years. You might be located donate wondering new before with a reduction of the consequence of your clothing by the quality of the airport. Well, in the field of encourage of all but each person suitcases it is not.

Usually, a minder meaning is placed on comfort. We were by the side of all time told to prevent ichy before as well adamant clothing, especially on prolonged flights. Not lone with the wish of, but in the field of addition bringing a transform of clothes in the field of the sphere of the carry-on baggage, which can in the field of addition help in the field of the sphere of the lawful act of missing the checked luggage. Thinking beforehand new before with a reduction of your clothes is of vast consequence, even if you are nomadic in the field of encourage of venture — by the side of all time remember the hazard of changing clothes in the field of the sphere of airport bathrooms.

Comfort, many instance, is interrelated to sweat pants and a comfortable top, before as well a t-shirt. I beg your pardon? Did you say? You possibly will not keep in good condition thinking is with the wish of these clothes are in the field of addition very first-class in the field of the sphere of vocabulary of airport security the same in the role of well, especially by the quality of the security checkpoints. The argue why is with the wish of all but each person sweat pants implement not keep in good condition each metal items. In the field of the sphere of other lexis, in the field of the sphere of be located new before with a reduction of you enter and leave these screening checkpoints earlier than all but each person travelers, in favor of the right mind so as to they strength of character keep in good condition metal accessories on.

The same in the role of in the field of encourage of clothing accessories, you strength of character notice with the wish of a variety of items strength of character thicken inedible metal detectors by the quality of airports, which is why security pole strength of character often ask you to take inedible your jewelry. Moral the after it is distant and spaces in the field of the sphere of a plastic bin, it strength of character be located donate scanned along with your carry-on luggage. This is the usual procedure in the field of encourage of rings before as well necklaces, but jewelry are usually kept back back on. Belts with metal buckets very often thicken inedible airport metal detectors, which is why you usually need to remove the belt by the quality of the airport. In the field of encourage of with the wish of argue, a bulky amount of airports keep in good condition requested with the wish of you remove your belts before as well entering the metal detectors. If you feel uncomfortable removing your jewelry before as well belt, you have to to not wear these items by the quality of all.

You strength of character in the field of addition keep in good condition to remove your shoes and keep in good condition them scanned by an x-ray formation, along with your carry-on luggage. It used to be located donate a random procedure, but by the side of donate all passengers need to contract the idea it. In favor of the right mind so as to of with the wish of, I advise you to wear something with the wish of you can take inedible and status back on easily.

Controlling Business Travel Costs

Business Travel

Sometimes when we are traveling on business, it is easy to let costs get out of control.  But if you are working from a per diem or have other constraints on your travel budget, you should learn some cost cutting methods that you can put into effect that won’t make your life miserable on the road.

These cost-cutting ideas are not just to stay out of trouble with the budget people back at the home office.  Often businesses have a set budget for business travel and once it is gone, no further trips can be made during that budget year.  So if you anticipate the need for more business trips in months ahead, it is prudent to keep an eye on costs as you go so you can conserve that limited budget to facilitate important trips yet to come.

Economizing on the road can be difficult because you are put right in the middle of the hospitality industry which, while good at making you feel comfortable and providing for your needs, hotels and restaurants are also good at running up your tab.  But there are some easy ways to sidestep a lot of unnecessary spending so you can stretch your business travel budget.

Eat before you go.  Airport restaurants or snack bars are notoriously overpriced.  So even if you are leaving early in the morning, have breakfast and get well satisfied before leaving home so you don’t have to buy food en route.

Wise packing.  Think through your life in the hotel and on the road.  You can buy travel sizes of almost everything you will need.  Moreover, you can pack some light and easy to carry snacks such as trail mix, candy bars or nuts that can be used to tide you over during the trip until you can get a good meal.  By being self-dependent during the trip, you save a lot by not using airport services.

A hotel is just a bed, a shower and a TV.  When booking your accommodations, think about where you should stay.  If you don’t need a luxury hotel, don’t book one.  If you are just staying the night in one place and then moving on, a clean, well run motel can take care of you just as well as the executive suite at the Hilton.

Share that ride.  If you are traveling as a party or you are meeting business partners at the destination, you can share cabs or rental vehicles and save business costs as well as conserve on burring fossil fuels unnecessarily.

Markets and delis.  You can even eat economically in a big town like New York or Orlando by using the same sense you have at home.  By taking an early trip to a nearby grocery, you can stock your room with fruits and travel foods and cut down on the amount of meals you have to eat out.

Public transportation.  If the town you re traveling to has safe and workable subways or other public transpiration, that can be much more efficient for you than renting a car.  Washington DC for example has outstanding rail transport that you can use rather than rent a car.

By using some of the same good common sense you use at home to keep expenses under control for your home budget, you can not only live inexpensively on the road, you can actually live better.  And by not allowing yourself to be overcharged for some very basic goods and services, you will feel better about your business outing and become known in your company as a smart traveler.