Best Travel Destination Place Montreal

You may have planned out for your Montreal holiday by reading all the travel guides that you can get your hands on, listing the things that you want to do in Montreal, and marking all the Montreal destinations that you must not miss. Knowing all that we give you a list of the things that you must not do in Montreal.

Montreal is the best place to travel to. Previously called Hochelaga, Montreal is an island and the largest city in the Province of Quebec, Canada. It is a very cosmopolitan city where both English and French are spoken.

This city does indeed offer something for everyone making it truly unique. With a variety of attractions and numerous things to do, residents of Montreal feel as if they are on a never-ending vacation.

For culture and history, Montreal’s museums, art galleries and exhibition centers exposes one to a wealth of information from Leonard Cohen’s art exhibit to Cirque du Soleil to the Botanical Gardens and Insecterium.

For very late nightlife, Montreal’s piano bars, lounges, dance clubs and adult clubs are very lively. Then there are festivals such as Montreal’s all-night Nuit Blanche festival and the Montreal Jazz festival, both very well known and attracting an ever-increasing number of tourists.

For dining experiences, the city has a culinary variety of restaurants that appeal to all palates and range from very high end, to exotic, to fast food joints that do not close until the wee hours of the night (or morning). There are restaurants, where you eat until you explode. Montreal is also home to the famous Poutine (French fries swimming in a gravy sauce topped with cheese curds). The city has the best smoked meat, burgers, hot dogs and bagel places. Montreal restaurants are very affordable.

For great outdoors living, Montreal has, and is surrounded by an abundance of parks, rivers, lakes and other beautiful sites and scenery. Mount Royal is a mountain in the middle of the city. It has wide paths for walking, cycling and enjoying nature. At the top, Beaver Lake is perfect for ice-skating in winter. Throughout the year and especially during the Fall season, the trees display their rich, vivid colors turning the city into a gigantic splendid oil painting of sorts .
After heavy snowfalls, only white is visible everywhere and the landscape becomes a winter wonderland.  When ice forms on tree branches it gives off an appearance of crystal glass – absolutely spectacular!

Montreal has numerous types of accommodations. From 5-star hotels as Hotel to 4-stars such as Hotel Place to 3-stars such as the very affordable. Then there are Bed and Breakfasts, Auberges, Manoirs, Apartments, Rooms for rent and others.

Sport activities in and around Montreal include tennis, golf, camping, hunting, fishing, skiing, snowboarding and others.

For interesting and possibly one-time experiences, Ice fishing in winter, renting a stay in an Ice Hotel and Camping in Yurts (Mongolian style tents) are becoming popular.

Montreal is a city with a European flair and definitely a great travel destination.  It is a best travel place for vacation and business.

Author: Brandon S. Jacobson

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