Buying camping equipment: A beginner’s guide

It could be that the person has developed a new interest for outdoor adventure and camping trips. As a matter of fact, camping is one of the most favorite of all outdoor past times in the country. Fresh mountain breezes, beautiful nature, cozy, warm campfires, tranquil and peace is what camping is all about. The question that many newbie have in mind is where to start! Many are of the wrong opinion that camping gears will involve good amount of investment. This guide can help to buy the much essential camping equipment without having to spend a fortune.

Bare necessities for an exciting and safe camping or outdoor adventure trip

  • Sleeping pad: Hammock camping does offer great warmth and comfort. Most hammocks are found not to have insulated bottoms. Hence, placing air layer between the hammock underside and the user will ensure comfortable sleep at night.
  • Hammock straps and hammocks: Hammock camping is gaining immense popularity these days. It is easier to setup up, is compact and lightweight, offering more comfort when compared to sleeping on uneven, hard ground.
  • Firestarter: Besides butane lighters, it will be wise to have flint firestarters handy or even some matches to offer reliable and durable backup.
  • Warm sleeping bag: The cold season and high mountains can offer miserable conditions. The sleeping bag should keep the user warm in freezing temperatures.
  • Camping stove & grill: When selecting a good and reliable camping stove, durability and portability should be the major aspects to consider. Backpacking versions are great as they are lightweight, single flame and small. Also are available bigger family styled stoves with multiple burners. However, it will take up more space. But for groups, this bigger version will be easier to cook and also more versatile when preparing meals. But if the plan is to hike for miles, then backpacking stove will be the best option. Also will be needed full fuel canister along with a backup or even two, if one fails.
  • Portable cookware/drinkware/plates/utensils: It will be necessary to buy durable, lightweight set of cookware, drinkware and plates which come as set and fit perfectly together for easy packing and use. When utensils are concerned, three in one tool (knife, spoon and fork) are simple and more efficient.
  • Camp chairs: It does offer great comfort and can make a huge difference to the camping trip. There are chairs that come with cup holders and allow the person to relax and enjoy completely nature at its very best.
  • Cooler: It does help to keep the food cold to avoid spoiling it. If the plan is to camp for several nights, then a high end model will ensure that the food stays cold a bit longer. A large one will store comfortably all the perishable items.

Overall, the above are considered to be basic items that the person need to carry along on a camping trip, be it alone or in a group. Checking out reputed portals like 10revs can give a better idea of what is available and what should be purchased for the next camping or outdoor adventure trip.

Author: Brandon S. Jacobson

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