Top Five Spots To Visit In Durban


If you have planned a holiday for yourself and need some great time off then head to Durban. Like other South Africans, you can findyour way down to the KwaZuli Natal Coast for some fantastic downtime. Durban is the third biggest city in the whole of South Africa and definitely one of the most famous tourist spots. It ranks in the top ten holidays destinations in Africa. For this reason, Durban is also making further changes and building new recreational activities for its visitors. They have also built a new King Shaka International Airport that brings tourists from all over the world. If you really want to see the true essence of Durban, you must visit five essential places.

Firstly, get ready to have fun at the u Shaka Marine World. It is a beautiful theme park that is divided into four sections. The first is uShaka Sea World’ it is the 5th largest aquarium in the world. The second is uShakaWet ‘n Wild; which is a water world that has rides for both young and old. The third is uShaka Beach which has direct access from the amusement park nearby. And lastly, there is uShaka Village Walk that is filled with delectable restaurants, cafes and shops for the tourists to relax and enjoy at. The park is located on the strip land residing between the Durban Harbor and Durban beachfront.

Secondly, you must take a look at the Gateway Shopping Center. It is the biggest shopping mall built in Africa and perhaps in the south hemisphere. It is located in the Northern Durban suburb of Umhlanga. People come here by finding Durban flights from all London airport. With over 300 stores and more than 60 rest aunts, the Gateway also features 18 movie theatres, an IMAX cinema and 6 Nouveau cinemas. It has a theme park of its own and more than 3500 square meter skate park designed by Tony Hawk. It also features the world’s highest indoor climbing rock along with the biggest fountain in Africa.

Thirdly, you must go and check out the Aliwal Shoal. It lies 5 km off the shore of Kwazulu Natal Coast and is a great opportunity for the scuba divers who get cheap Durban flights to experience reed to dives and seasonal shark diving. The scuba center has a number of really nice host facilities like dive pool for people who want to test the gear first. Upon return from the dive, there is shower, storage and eating facilities.

Fourthly, you should pay a visit to the Durban’s Golden Mile. This area has the highest number of comfortable and luxury hotels. It also skirts the main beaches and the Indian Ocean. Find the best budget air flights tickets to Durban to enjoy it all. Other attractions near the vicinity include an amusement center, paved walkways, paddling pools and fountains and shops. The kids can also have a great time at the Water Wonderland in the area. In Durban, you can find activities that will entertain all ages and people with different choices.

Outdoor Skating Rinks In The World

Outdoor Skating

Ice Skating is a great seasonal activity – especially for couples and families. Skating is one of the oldest and most popular recreational activities and outdoor ice skating in particular offers you a chance to have some fun in the crisp winter air. Here is the best outdoor ice skating rinks in the world specially chosen for their spectacular backdrops and magical atmospheres. Don’t worry about making a fool out of yourself – most outdoor ice skating rinks welcome everyone from beginners to experts!

1. Somerset House, London

Skate in the heart of London in this prestigious skating venue. This 18th century neoclassical home turned popular music/art venue offers an impressive backdrop and is illuminated at night by a 40ft Tiffany Christmas tree.

2. Rockefeller Center, New York

The Rockefeller Center is a world-famous and iconic skating venue featured in many classic movies. Skate New York style underneath towering skyscrapers, hundreds of twinkling lights and a gigantic Christmas tree.

3. Hampton Court, Greater London

Hampton Court Palace is a beautiful and historical tourist attraction and this time of year it’s also home to a romantic outdoor ice skating rink. Skate right outside Henry VIII’s favourite royal hangout and take advantage of the spiced mulled wine on offer.

4. Yosemite National Park, USA

Skate in the shadows of the mighty Half Dome and El Capitan in one of the most beautiful national parks in the world. Ice skating has been a winter tradition in Yosemite since the 1930s and the park offers one of the most beautiful outdoor ice skating rink backgrounds in the world.

5. Berlin, Germany

Berlin‘s important public square Potsdamer Platz is turned into a winter wonderland this time of year. Visitors can choose from a 40m long ice rink, an Alpine ski hut, a 70m ski slope and a wide range of competitions to enter. Another highlight is having the chance to slide down a long slope on a huge rubber tyre.

6. Eiffel Tower, Paris

Enjoy the beautiful views of Paris while skating on this unique small but perfectly formed ice rink. The ice skating rink is located on the first floor observation deck of the famous French landmark – lodged between two of the tower’s massive steel legs. Up to 80 skaters at a time can enjoy this unusual skating experience but vertigo sufferers might want to give this one a miss!

7. Vienna, Austria

This large outdoor ice rink is located right underneath the beautiful illuminated Rathaus (town hall). Make sure you also take advantage of the nearby stalls offering hot drinks and snacks. A great choice if you like your skating venue to be picturesque and atmospheric.

8. Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki offers skaters real snow and very cold temperatures. Ice skating is taken pretty seriously in Finland and the outdoor ice rink in the capital’s main square is spacious and can have a lively atmosphere.

Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto is a popular public gathering place located in front of the City Hall. During the winter here you can also skate on a super-sized rink. Also check out the pretty light display in the evening.

10. Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark

Tivoli Gardens is a world famous attraction in the centre of this stylish Danish city. A picturesque ice rink located on a pretty lake opens here for the seasonal holidays. Illuminated trees and fantastic scenery makes for an incredible skating experience.

How You Can Reach Your Dream Destination With The Best Airline Tickets

Dream Destination With The Best Airline

How many times have you read a travel article and thought, “Man, I’d love to go there,” only to put your magazine away and forget about it? We often associate travel with glitz and glamour, but even ordinary folks like us can get airline tickets to our ideal vacation spot, en route to a wonderful time all throughout the trip.

Ask yourself first where exactly you want to go and how much you want to spend. Don’t be limited by domestic travel, either. Believe it or not, but it’s common to get cheaper overseas flights than available domestic flights.

In fact, in recent years flights across the United States from New York to Los Angeles have been more expensive than flights from the US to London and even Paris. So while it may seem like traveling abroad is just a dream, you can get airline tickets to many fantastic countries for the same price as traveling to visit your local cities.

Another consideration is the cost of hotel reservations and accommodations once you reach your ideal vacation spot. Depending on the city of your choice, you can either get affordable food and lodging, or food and lodging that could put a dent on your budget.

Traveling to less touristy destinations can often help to curb the cost of a trip away from home. You can also get discounts on hotels by combining them with your airline ticket cost in a package.

A package deal, as we mentioned, gives you discounts for flight and hotel, but also on your food and maybe even other activities. Instead of eating outside of the hotel and paying your hotel reservation separately, you can also try reserving your lodging at a resort – they can be surprisingly affordable compared to separate food and lodging. Everything’s all in when you reserve at a resort.

Traveling off season can also help you to get less expensive airline tickets to your dream vacation place. Hotels and airlines want to attract consumers during this none-too-busy season, so they often discount rates by as much as fifty percent, making this a great opportunity.

There is a catch, though – you may need to wear a sweater at the beach or not have any snow to ski on the mountainous slopes. However, if you’re going to look at the architecture and sample the fabulous food, those things may not matter as much.

Life is too short to put off your dreams. And that means it’s about time for you to travel if you haven’t, or haven’t in a while, and search for cheap airline tickets to your desired vacation spot. You may end up saving more money than you’d expect.

10 Tips for Choosing the Honeymoon Trip Destination

Honeymoon Trip

Sometimes, the only thing in the world you need is a romantic, relaxing vacation. And while you can unquestionably embark upon a romantic getaway that is close to where you live, sometimes it is necessary to travel a little further, to one of the true romantic capitals of the world.

Having decided on the wedding date and venue, the couple should look what the fate of their honeymoon, no easy task, but with these 10 tips for choosing the honeymoon destination is certainly easier:

1. The budget and days available: You need to know the amount of money for the trip disponeis (all destinations are not as affordable) and of course, you must be clear about the number of days available for traveling.

2. Season: The season is an important factor to consider, not the same trip in summer than in winter, and as you know there are high and low seasons, if you can take advantage of an off-season will save you some money.

3. Places already visited: Please note the places you have already visited, best not to repeat and discover a new landscape together.

4. Type of trip: From an African safari to a tour of America, you should be clear if you want a cultural trip, adventure, romance or relaxation.

5. Friends and Internet: Ask your relatives and friends, sure I can advise on destinations they have visited and their personal experiences. And Seize seek new technologies and online information about the different destinations.

6. Wedding Fairs: If you soon is a wedding fair near your town, do not hesitate to attend, there are stands travel specialist will be happy to inform you and help you with the choice.

7. Travel: Visit various travel agencies and inquire about the most popular destinations for boyfriends, you can give different magazines and travel routes that will help you get an idea of how it can be yours.

8. Notes: Take note of each destination that you like, its price and the strengths of the request in an agency or another, this step will help a lot.

9. Do not be the choice for last minute trip, it is important to be clear about the dates in advance in case you have to ask for the day, plus the journey begins in the moment you begin to look destinations!

10. Enjoy! You are planning a trip that will be special and unique!

Caribbean beaches – Best Destination travel

Caribbean beaches

Most Caribbean vacationers have a common goal – they want to soak up as much sunshine as possible on the most beautiful beaches. The tropical travel destination happily obliges with wonderful beaches in abundance characterized by immaculate sandbanks and crystalline waters. Caribbean holidays have thousands of beaches to choose from, so it’s a challenge to narrow down the best places to bask in the sun. From my experience here is my pick of the top 10 best Caribbean beaches, in no particular order…

1. Best for a lively experience – Rum Point, Cayman Islands

The vacationer seeking a lively beach experience should head to Rum Point. Located on the northern coast of Grand Cayman, this stretch of coastline offers it all: snorkeling, beach volleyball, and plenty of great restaurants and cafes to choose from. It’s a perfect mix of nature and modern amenities and is a haven for travellers looking to ditch the crowded cruise port of George Town.

2. Best for an unspolit beach – Shoal Bay in Anguilla

Sitting on the northeastern coast of Anguilla, Shoal Bay is an expansive beach coveted for its untouched atmosphere and nearby attractions. Here you can grab a beach snack from the local food vendor, rent an umbrellas and relax. To step it up a gear you can hire snorkel equipment or hop aboard a glass bottom boat. Favoured by locals and tourists alike, Shoal Bay is a top Anguilla destination.

3. Best for activities – Seven Mile Beach in Jamaica

Butterscotch sands and a quaint lighthouse await visitors at Jamaica’s famous Seven Mile Beach. The longest continuous stretch of beach on the entire island the beautiful shored coastline is ideal for the active traveller. Go for a dive or enjoy other activities such as snorkeling, wind-sailing and water-skiing. Also a great place for the more liberal minded the Seven Mile Beach’s operates a ‘clothing-optional’ policy.

4. Best for Body Surfing – Crane Beach in Barbados

Nestled on the eastern coast of Barbados, Crane Beach takes you off the beaten path while still offering everything you need for a comfortable seaside excursion. The waters although can get a bit rough, so if you’re not up for body surfing, head to the protected cove to the left of the main beach for calmer swimming. After a full day of playing in the sun, refuel with fresh seafood at nearby The Crane restaurant.

5. Best for Diving – Trunk Bay in St. Johns

Underwater adventurer enthusiasts must make a visit to Trunk Bay Beach in St. John of the US Virgin Islands. This popular area boasts an excellent opportunity for snorkelling and diving. Here you can follow a lengthy trail that extends underwater with helpful markers to guide explorers through the sea. Amenities at this beach include snack bars, restrooms, on-duty lifeguards and great spots for an afternoon picnic.

6. Best for Nudists – Orient Beach in St. Martin

Accessible only by a single road, St. Martin’s Orient Beach is a perfect place to let loose. The beach is connected to the Club Orient Resort, an entirely nude facility where guests vacation without inhibitions. Rent a lounge chair and if you dare bask topless in the sun, or suit up for some shopping opportunities found slightly north of the nudist beach.

7. Best for shallow waters – Grand Anse in Grenada

Presenting visitors with a place to escape the hustle and bustle while still allowing for some interesting people watching, Grand Anse beach is a superb shoreline that stretches for two miles along the southern coast of Grenada. The shallow waters of this tranquil beach are ideal for families with young children. Hungry guests will be able to find everything from contemporary Creole cuisine to delicious French dinners within close proximity of the waterfront.

8. Best for less crowds – Luquillo Beach in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s Luquillo Beach is notable for its extensive amenities and features. Located on the northeastern coast of the island, this beach has everything sunbathers could ask for, from equipment rentals and water sports to food vendors and on-site camping facilities. While you’ll be hard-pressed to find a truly secluded seaside area in Puerto Rico, Luquillo Beach is known as one of the less crowded destinations.

9. Best for sociable types – Palm Beach in Aruba

Visitors near the northwestern edges of Aruba will be attracted to the powdery sands and skinny swaying trees of Palm Beach. This popular area offers fishing, snorkelling, people watching and plenty of places to explore. The vicinity is home to a number of inviting resorts and restaurants, which draws many people to Palm Beach. If you’re looking for a remote sandbank to relax on, Palm Beach may not be for you, but a sociable traveller will enjoy a day spent at this lively beach.

10. Best for families – Magens Bay in St. Thomas

Magens Bay on the northern coast of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands is known as an ideal destination for vacationing with families. This beach provides everything from bathrooms and showers to boutiques and a pizzeria. In addition to the usual beach facilities, Magens Bay also has some great nearby attractions such as Fairchild Park and Emancipation Garden.

Whether you’re a parent travelling with young children or a mature vacationer looking to unleash your wild side, the plentiful beaches in Caribbean offer an ideal destination for every visitor. From the clothing-optional shores of Orient Beach to the child-friendly shallow waters of Grand Anse, you can find it all in the Caribbean. Grab your swimsuit, slather on a hearty layer of sunscreen and make your way to one of these top best Caribbean beaches – or even better take an extended tour and visit them all!

Best Travel Destination Place Montreal

Destination Place Montreal.

You may have planned out for your Montreal holiday by reading all the travel guides that you can get your hands on, listing the things that you want to do in Montreal, and marking all the Montreal destinations that you must not miss. Knowing all that we give you a list of the things that you must not do in Montreal.

Montreal is the best place to travel to. Previously called Hochelaga, Montreal is an island and the largest city in the Province of Quebec, Canada. It is a very cosmopolitan city where both English and French are spoken.

This city does indeed offer something for everyone making it truly unique. With a variety of attractions and numerous things to do, residents of Montreal feel as if they are on a never-ending vacation.

For culture and history, Montreal’s museums, art galleries and exhibition centers exposes one to a wealth of information from Leonard Cohen’s art exhibit to Cirque du Soleil to the Botanical Gardens and Insecterium.

For very late nightlife, Montreal’s piano bars, lounges, dance clubs and adult clubs are very lively. Then there are festivals such as Montreal’s all-night Nuit Blanche festival and the Montreal Jazz festival, both very well known and attracting an ever-increasing number of tourists.

For dining experiences, the city has a culinary variety of restaurants that appeal to all palates and range from very high end, to exotic, to fast food joints that do not close until the wee hours of the night (or morning). There are restaurants, where you eat until you explode. Montreal is also home to the famous Poutine (French fries swimming in a gravy sauce topped with cheese curds). The city has the best smoked meat, burgers, hot dogs and bagel places. Montreal restaurants are very affordable.

For great outdoors living, Montreal has, and is surrounded by an abundance of parks, rivers, lakes and other beautiful sites and scenery. Mount Royal is a mountain in the middle of the city. It has wide paths for walking, cycling and enjoying nature. At the top, Beaver Lake is perfect for ice-skating in winter. Throughout the year and especially during the Fall season, the trees display their rich, vivid colors turning the city into a gigantic splendid oil painting of sorts .
After heavy snowfalls, only white is visible everywhere and the landscape becomes a winter wonderland.  When ice forms on tree branches it gives off an appearance of crystal glass – absolutely spectacular!

Montreal has numerous types of accommodations. From 5-star hotels as Hotel to 4-stars such as Hotel Place to 3-stars such as the very affordable. Then there are Bed and Breakfasts, Auberges, Manoirs, Apartments, Rooms for rent and others.

Sport activities in and around Montreal include tennis, golf, camping, hunting, fishing, skiing, snowboarding and others.

For interesting and possibly one-time experiences, Ice fishing in winter, renting a stay in an Ice Hotel and Camping in Yurts (Mongolian style tents) are becoming popular.

Montreal is a city with a European flair and definitely a great travel destination.  It is a best travel place for vacation and business.