Enchanting Holiday in Beautiful, Awe-inspiring Sights of Switzerland


Switzerland was founded in 13th century, joining with three states. The country has become one of the major international tourist spot attracting countless tourists from all over the world. The country consists of mainly the majestic Swiss Alps and mountainous terrains that take almost 60% of the total land space. Switzerland has the most beautiful territory and sights that will make any person live in the country for ever. The country is well known for its banking system as well as tourism. Tourism plays a major role in presenting the country to the world market as a global tourist destination and more. As the country is filled with mountain and hilly areas, it becomes a famous destination for rock climbing and hiking. All kinds of pleasure associated with the mountain life can be found here. Zurich is one of the largest and well known cities of the country. It is a major banking sector and also an artistic hub. Zurich has more than one hundred art galleries and many museums.

Some of the major attractions of Switzerland are listed below. Check them out if you are planning to visit the country any time soon.


This is a one of the popular spot of Switzerland and also called “Z’horu” in the neighboring dialects. It is a spectacular peak of The Alps and Switzerland and on 4478 m high. It provides spectacular mind blowing views of the surrounding nature and mountains. Tourists take lots of photos of this region as it is very photogenic location.

The Chateau de Chillon:

This was built in the late 11th century and is popular for its majestic sights filled with tourist. The Chillon Castle is admired as the best and the most preserved castles in all of Switzerland. Travelers go through various rooms of the castle and get to feel enchanted and a mysterious atmosphere. This castle is also famous as it has been immortalized in Lord Byron’s poem “The Prisoner of Chillon”.


This is a beautiful and fun city to visit when one in Switzerland. The place is filled with marvelous scenery and natural sights. Enjoy some relaxing and calm days in the city that will freshen your mind and spirit. The city has many things to offer for your sense of pleasure. Explore some alluring attractions that comprise the charming Geneva Lake, Museum, St. Peter’s Cathedral, Water Fountain, Flea Market, Geneva Beach, etc. You will certainly not forget the experience of Geneva once you visit the city.

The Rhine falls:

This is situated in Neuhausen on the border of Germany. The glorious falls attracts visitor from all over Europe and the world. Tourist and travelers see the rushing of water from the cliffs with echoing sounds.

The very name of Switzerland leave any person filled with a sense of wander and joy. It is one of those places that everyone wants to come and enjoy a nice family vacation. The nature, overwhelming sights lures the travelers with a sense of mystery.

Top 5 apps for your Holidays Travel

apps for your Holidays Travel

Going to different places and cultures is highly exciting but taking a leap into unknown territories can be worrying as you step further out of your comfort zone. To ensure your fully equipped for you travels here are the top five apps I recommend before jetting off on your holidays.


I think the biggest fear of going on holiday is getting lost in a foreign country. I know what you’re thinking, what about google maps? Well maps.me can be used offline, just download the maps for the country you are going to before your trip or when you have Wi-Fi and avoid those high international roaming charges. Using your GPS is free so combined with this app you’re sure to find your destination. This app also lets you bookmark places of interest of where you been or from other travellers that you may want to go sometime on your journey.


With access to over 33,000 properties in 170 countries Hostelworld ensures a roof over your head throughout your travels. The navigation on the app is top class, allowing for you to add hostels to a wish list which may be recommended from other travellers. The rating system on Hostelworld is broken down into 7 categories Value for Money, Security, Location, Staff, Atmosphere, Cleanliness and Facilities so weather your looking for a night of partying or just good location the rating system makes it easy to screen. There’s a highly used review section which also keeps the hostels on their toes.


The rail planner app is only relevant if you are travelling around Europe for your holidays. The app includes all trains you can use an interrail pass on. Weather you’re just winging your trip around Europe or have a ridged schedule, downloading this app is a must. Similar to maps.me this can be used without internet when looking up timetables. Just enter in your location and destination and once you’re within the 30 countries covered by this app it will give you your results. There may be some connections which can be combined between trains and buses but this is expected with intercontinental train journeys. I found this app very helpful for overcoming the language barrier in some nations, if the ticket person couldn’t understand I would just show my phone and they would know the exact journey I’m talking about.

Travel Tip: to avoid paying for accommodation and save an extra day choose an overnight train, their no lap of luxury but it’s all in the experience.


Skyscanner is very convenient flight price comparison app. You can search certain flights by month and it will give you a bar graph giving you the price per day so you can pick out the cheapest yourself. Skyscanner includes almost every airline and airport internationally. Skyscanner also provides a price alert service which will notify you should you flight decrease or more worryingly increase.

Travel Tip: The best time to book a flight is 47 days in advance. The most expensive month to fly is July, the cheapest is November The cheapest days to fly are Tuesdays, Wednesday


Often a last resort should you find yourself lost but depending where you are sometimes the price of taxis are the best option for your convenience. Uber is available in over 60 countries so it’s a great trump card to have in your pocket when all else fails.

Travel Tip: Ask at reception in your hostel for prices of a taxi to your next location if it is in driving range. You can share a taxi with other travellers in your hostel and split the cost.

Tips For The Right Holiday Travel Package

Right Holiday Travel Package

Saving money is always a bonus, especially if we’re trying to plan a holiday. If the purse strings are a little tight at present, here’s a few tips on how to get the best deal when it comes to planning a budget holiday, Well it is not usually wise to be traveling during holidays as these are the times when almost every other person in the world is traveling. It is of course best to plan ahead or book ahead and go to your destination early to avoid all the hassle but if you’re one of those last minute people or probably one of those who can’t really avoid it, you should follow the next few tips for a fairly better journey and maybe a cheaper stay.

– Holiday travel packages were never made with only one person in mind; no two people are alike, keep this in mind because the agencies that packed them have kept these in mind, use this fact to haggle your way into cheaper or sometimes better deals. Even if there are ready made packages, you can ask for extra perks especially if you’re staying for more than a week.

– Be careful of travel agents. Travel agents may give you the best deal for your package, which normally include airfare, lodgings and transportation, but a really good agent can be really flexible. One example would be if you want a rental car for the first half of your trip but you want to get rid of it by the second half, a good agent can arrange this for you, sometimes for a cheaper price.

– Be sure that the package you want is available, you don’t want to get pulled into something that ends up being sold out, some people give out too-good-to-be-true packages which end up being “sold out” in the end, so before you make a deal or transfer a morsel of cash, make sure that it is still available.

– Be sure to know exactly what airline and route your taking, you won’t want those unpleasant layovers which can be a real pain, not to mention delay your schedule.

– A good sign of a good package is one that is very flexible, as said before, no two people are alike, and a good package should reflect that, it should allow you to choose between destinations, as well as brands and lodgings without changing the price. A choice in which rental car to take is also a sign of a good package.

– Finally, it’s good to ask for discounts that you might get if you do certain stuff, like stay in the hotel for more than a week, or sign up on the internet instead of by phone. Research first before you cough up the money for down-payment; make sure you’ve exhausted all possible discount generating ways before you decide on a package. The best way to ensure bargain prices is to be flexible with the dates, times and airports you can travel from. This may mean flying at 4am in the morning, but the savings will make up for the inconvenience.

Flying With Children: A Parent’s Guide in Holidays

Flying With Children

Just because you have kids, doesn’t mean that you can’t visit far-away lands. But, as every parent knows, when those children are small, they can make long plane rides a living hell, not only for you, but for other passengers as well! So,how can you stop the insanity? Well, preparation is the key to success, so check out all of the advice below to find out how flying with children doesn’t need to be an ordeal.

First of all, remember that in order to be able to choose where you will be sitting on the plane, you generally need to book early. So, if you feel that being close to the washroom is important, like when you are potty training, then the earlier you book, the more likely you are to get a nearby seat. If possible, find a schematic of the plane you plan to fly on so you know which seat you want when you call for your ticket. At the very least, ask the booking agent when making the reservation if you have specific concerns. If you are quick to tell them the exact location, you will make their job a lot easier.

If your child is small enough, you should have them fly in a car seat. There are often seats which are intended for flying which you can rent at the airport or from a local company. Renting means you don’t have to splash out a lot of money for just a few trips a year, plus you can use it during your trip as well. Leaving yours at home can really reduce your headache; believe me! Find out what your options are locally, at the airport and with the airline and then locate a seat.

Your carry-on luggage will need to contain a ton of things for your kids to do in case they get bored.  Its a great idea to be able to provide them with something new every 30 minutes or so. So, take coloring paper and pencils (don’t bring markers as they can damage the seats), games, electronic devices (which you can mute), a favorite plush toy, in fact anything that will keep them entertained. Remember that some items can be borrowed from the stewards, such as a pillow and blanket, so only pack that which you can’t get during the flight.

Of course, kids get hungry, and the food on the plane is often prohibitively expensive. On top of that, salty nuts and snacks aren’t particularly healthy, and many kids won’t even like them. So, take your own snacks so that your kids won’t whine about starving to death the whole way during the flight. Choose healthy, filling options which won’t make a mess, like a sliced apple for example. Avoid dips, popcorn or trail mix as it’s more likely to end up on the floor than in their mouth. If you have a very small child, don’t forget to bring some bottles, even if you only fill them with warm water. Remember: a hungry or thirsty child is an unhappy child!

Now that you know how to fly in peace, you need to start preparing. The earlier you begin, the more you will accomplish. Not only will you get to your destination with a smile on your face, you won’t upset anyone else on your flight. Being a good parent starts by being a good person, and when you work hard to ensure others aren’t inconvenienced by your kids, you are proving your worth.

A Few Things You Should Know Before Booking Your First Cruise Holidays

First Cruise Holidays

If you are planning to go on your first cruise holidays, there are several vital points you should think about before choosing one of the many different packages that are offered by numerous travel agencies and cruise holiday specialists.

Believe it or not, but there are really big differences in quality between the various packages you can find on the market. When I went on my first cruise holidays, I thought I had found a real bargain for a quality package. Unfortunately, as it turned out, this couldn’t have been any further from the truth.

My mistake was that I didn’t do enough research myself and that I blindly trusted a scrupulous travel agent who lured me into something that looked great on the surface; but turned out to be anything else but great in reality.

Now, to help you avoid any bad surprises, let’s have a look at some of the points I consider absolutely crucial when booking your first cruise holidays.

* Entertainment:

Make sure, the right kind of entertainment is offered and that it corresponds with what you are looking for. On certain cruises, you may get more or less the same show on every evening, whereas other cruise lines propose a true monster package of entertainment including various activities throughout the day, shows, dancing, cabarets… on the evening, blockbuster movies, disco at night, games and activities for your kids and so on.

Clarify with your travel agent what activities are included with your package and if all of them are free or if an additional fee needs to be paid on the cruise line for certain activities.

* Food and Drinks:

More or less the same holds true here. Some cruise packages promise you the best food on earth, but once on the boat you realize that all you get everyday is a cheap McDonalds kind of meal and if you want something a bit more fancy you have to go to the restaurant where you have to pay for your lunch and dinner like in any other restaurant.

Ask your travel agent if all the meals and drinks are included and for what kind of food and beverages you will have to pay. Also ask if there is a buffet for lunch and dinner, if you can choose from variety of different foods or if there is only a very limited choice.

My first cruise holidays turned into a nightmare, because no entertainment and activities were proposed and because the food was so bad that I had to eat in the restaurant every day. With all the extra money I had to spend on the ship, these cruise holidays finally turned out to be more expansive than what I would have paid for an all-inclusive luxury cruise. I hope the tips I mentioned above help you to avoid making the same mistakes I did and allow you to find the perfect cruise holiday package.

Summer Fun in the Sun: Protect the Skin You’re In On Your Next Prince Edward Island Beach Vacation

Summer Fun in the Sun

There is no question that it is great to be on a beach vacation, outside in the warm and sunny weather. But are you protected from the sun? When planning to be outside for an extended period of time there are a number of precautions to take in order to prevent painful sunburns, sunstroke and protect yourself against the future risk of developing skin cancer. Here are 10 helpful hints to ensure your summer beach vacation doesn’t lead to something unexpected.

Choose and Use a Sunscreen! Sunscreen is a product that you apply to the skin, and once absorbed can protect you against the sun’s radiation. Choose a sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Also ensure that you choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more, especially for use on babies 6 months or older and children, who are more sensitive to the sun. Once sunscreen is applied it tends to wear off within 2-3 hours and should be reapplied for the duration of your sun exposure.

Between 10 and 4, stay indoors! Between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM the sun is at its most intense given its height in the sky and proximity to the earth. By limiting your exposure to ultraviolet radiation during these hours you can lower your risk of harmful sun exposure. If you simply love being outside, or your job requires you be outside your best protection is to choose and use a good sunscreen, or wear clothing that will keep your skin covered.

Cover up, don’t get sun struck! Wearing clothing that covers exposed skin can help to block the sun’s rays as well. Choosing to wear long sleeved shirts, long pants or long skirts can protect as much skin as possible. Dark coloured, tightly woven fabrics may provide more protection than light coloured loosely woven clothing. Ideally sun protective fabrics are lightweight, comfortable, and stylish as well.

Cover your lid! While wearing an ordinary baseball cap may protect your scalp and face from sun exposure and help to prevent sunstroke wearing a proper wide brimmed hat may offer the additional benefit of protecting all of your vulnerable skin from the sun. A hat with at least a 2-3 inch brim or a shade cap is ideal because it protects areas that are often exposed to the sun. The areas of your body that typically receive the most sun exposure include: the ears, neck, eyes, forehead, nose and scalp. The back of the neck and the ears are the most common places skin cancers are found, so preventing burns and cumulative skin damage to these areas may help prevent skin cancers from forming.

Protect your eyes from what’s high in the sky! Wearing sunglasses protects your eyes from the same harmful UV rays that sunscreen protects your skin from. Long hours spent outdoors over the course of your life without adequate eye protection may increase your likelihood of developing eye disease. UV protective sunglasses can help prevent sun damage from reaching your eyes. You don’t have to spend a mint to find sunglasses that will do the trick against UVA and UVB rays – just be sure that the label on the sunglasses identifies them as having 99- 100% UVA and UVB protection.

Avoid tanning beds! Although tanning beds do not emit light from the sun, they can be equally if not more dangerous than the sun. Many people suffer from the incorrect notion that tanning beds are harmless; this may not be the case as tanning beds emit high levels of UVA and UVB rays. Exposure to tanning beds is close up and self regulated and as such can cause serious skin damage which can eventually lead to the formation of skin cancers. Serious dangers are associated with overexposure for people with all skin types.

Following these simple sun related tips can help to ensure that you and your family are protected against the suns harmful rays. Protecting yourself is the best way to sit back and relax on your next beach vacation.