Hiking in Valencia

Valencia is known as the “city of the arts and sciences,” thanks to the presence of a single set devoted to scientific and cultural life as the Oceanographic Park, but also has many other attractions, such as power hiking.

Hiking is a practice that has become very popular in Spain and can be done with relative ease, as we have many natural sites to discover how and where to practice this activity. In Valencia concrete companies include some areas that we’ll see.

What is hiking?

  • Hiking is just a sport, but not competitive and that is to discover and perform a series of roads that are actually approved by the town, city, autonomous region, etc … competent.
  • One of the characteristics has hiking is an activity that is done partly to contact with nature and thus also to discover places that if these roads will consist of approved would be difficult to access.
  • In Spain we can make hiking in many communities, although the vast majority of these have many mountain areas, forests, valleys, etc … that allow us to access these roads and also have become the objective of the holiday for many people.
  • Aside from the fact that it is a “walk”, hiking require significant physical activity, so we must be prepared for it. If we have no experience, it is best to hire a professional monitor or to guide us and also great reporters of the requirements for practicing this sport.

Requirements for hiking:

  •  Many people confuse hiking with the “trekking” the practice is similar but much more difficult or for which we will be more prepared physically.
  • For hiking we will have to consist of the core team, consisting of good running shoes, a jacket to ward off the cold, as the day may start with heat, but we end up in the cold, if it drags and drops the afternoon.
  • A backpack with necessities, food and drink, as well as accessories, which will be essential for this sport.

Hiking in Valencia:

  • Picassent: Since last summer, we can enjoy one of the most beautiful areas of Valencia, as Picassent and already has a route for hiking. 20 minutes from Valencia, and this population is 85 square kilometers of area in which you can find plenty of mountain formations, the first since the shoreline and the lake Albufera, which are the gateway to the Ribera Alta and other inland areas.
  • Among the highlights of the route in Picassent, we have the precipice of Picassent, part of the complex and very extensive supply system of the Albufera lake, and whose care was dedicated some of the actions of Horta Net.
  • Cullera: Another population of Valencia as Cullera, has long hiking routes. Natural area with archaeological sites, Mediterranean vegetation with aromatic herbs and / or medicinal. Approved path, signposted circular that starts north of the cemetery. I find points of interest in Cullera hiking trail, it is noteworthy, dunes and the Albufera Natural Park, Fort Cullera, Castle and Sanctuary Cullera. Via Crucias.
  • Alcoi: In Alcoi can discover the path of the natural park de la Font Roja, which I joined two short routes (dig the red font and font paths of red) that lets you know the beauty of one of the green most spectacular of all Valencia.

Author: Brandon S. Jacobson

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